1. Lamb fur from Club Collection
2. Trousers from Mango
3. Blouse from Maché
4. Der bor hollywood stjerner på vejen
5. Belt from Isabel Marant Etolie

Table // Ikea
Marble // Panduro

While I was in London, my boyfriend made me this table. It's made of  a cheap Ikea table, sprayed with gold painting. The marble is made of a kind of wallpaper from Panduro hobby. Cheap and easy! 
Shirt // FWSS. Culottes // Asos. Bag // Balenciaga. Shoes // Vans

Yesterday the weather was so good in London, that I jumped into my beloved culottes again. This time I styled them with this beautiful silk shirt, that I've borrowed from my friend Sille
I took advantage of the perfect weather, and took a walk in the beautiful Notting Hill, where this picture is taken. 

1. Covent Garden: 
I love the environment in Covent Garden! There's a lot of great shops. High-street as well as high-end. I especially love the Aesop shop at King Street! And don't forget to visit Sticks'n'Sushi while you're there! 

2.  EAT.:
If you wanna have fast, cheap and healthy lunch, visit EAT.! It's one of the most delicious fast food cafes I've ever tasted! You'll find them everywhere in London. 

3. Bond Street: 
Most of the big shops in London are located near Oxford Street, Bond Street and Regent Street. You'll find everything from Chanel to H&M. On Brook Street you'll find a little Diptyque shop, where you can get the famous scented candles and perfumes. 

4. Shoreditch: 
You'll find the special shops in the Shoreditch area. Do your self a favor, and go to Redchurch Street. Here you'll find the danish Ganni pop-up shop. on the opposite of the street you'll find the shop Aimé, where you can buy Isabel Marant. In this area you'll also find a lot of cozy cafes. 

Knit // Zara. Leather pants // Zara. Bag // Balenciaga. Sunglasses // Céline.

At the first day in London, I jumped into this comfy fall outfit. Knit and leather pants are seriously the best outfit for the fall weather! 

I've just arrived back in Denmark, as we speak, and the first thing I did, was checking my computer. God I've missed it! 

Shirt // Les Deux. Leather jacket // Stradivarius. Bag // Balenciaga.

This weekend I will be leaving for London, where I'm going to stay until next friday. I will be leaving with my high school class, so we're going to explore the city with our study glasses on. That being said, there will still be plenty of time for shopping. 
Regarding to the blog, I actually don't know if there's wifi access at our hotel. If not, you will probably not hear from me before I get home… Anyway I promise to take a lot of pictures of outfits and maybe of what I'll find interesting in the city as well! 


1. Calvin Klein Collection
2. J.W. Anderson 
3. Alexander Wang 
4. Proenza Schouler 
5. Versus Versace

NYFW has just ended and LFW has just started. Here on this collage I've gathered my favorite beauty trends for the upcoming season. 

We're going to see a lot of sleeked back hair - either in a ponytail or with a side parting. Very simple and easy, just the way I like it! I really love when the hair stylists face the fact that that is what us Women wants - at least us whom doesn't have a hairdresser every morning(!) 
L'Oréals professionnel styling ambassador Anthony Turner did the hair at the J.W. Anderson show yesterday at London Fashion Week, and said "she feels like a woman; she's groomed and minimal, a little Parisian even" This sophisticated feeling translated to a super-sleek and neat low ponytail" about the J.W. Anderson girl. (source style.com) 
In my opinion, the sleeked back ponytail is a all-time winner when it comes to hair trends. It goes with all kind of make-up. Red lips, black eyes or the nude look, you can never go wrong. And I must say the model Maartje Verhoef pull the look of at both the Calvin Klein show and the J.W. Anderson. 

According to the make-up - it's all about the nude look again! We're sure gonna need a cream blush in a light rose color, and good base for a flawless, yet natural skin. And then we're gonna need a brown eyeshadow and maybe a brown mascara as well for the natural look. 
Suprise suprise - we're not going to wear blue eyeshadow or dark brown lipliner. I think, or I hope at least, that those trends belongs to the 90s. 

Jeg konkurrerer i Trendsetter Search på www.lorealparis.dk 
Vintage Moon Necklace // Pico

After my friend Sille made this  post at her blog - I totally fell in love with this moon necklace from the danish brand Pico. I've been looking for a necklace like this one for a while now, but all I could find didn't really fit my budget. But back to the essence. After Sille made her post, I hurried to the Pico store and bought it! And it has been around my neck ever since… 

Tee // Isabel Marant (similar here). Knit // Zara. Pants // H&M. Sneakers // Adidas (similar here).

Last season we all tied out shirts around our waist in a knot. This season Stella McCartney made us tie them around our shoulders instead - like her knitted bag at the aw14 show… This is the new knot - and I spy that we're gonna see a lot more to this new style in the next couple of months at blogs and editorials! 
Pajama // Mango

I often get a lot of questions, and mails about this pajama I bought last winter. Unfortunately H&M doesn't seem to re-launch it - but now I have found a similar one from Mango.  
Happy shopping! 

I really love the resort collection from Isabel Marant - and even more, the lookbook pictures with my favorite model Andreaa Diaconu. 
It seem like we're gonna save our Birkenstocks, our camel coat and our pants with D-ring belt once again! Well, I don't complain! 

Knit and leather pants // Zara 

I was hunting great materials for my fall wardrobe, in Zara yesterday. Actually a pretty difficult project when you have a budget on 1000 dkk, and you wanna buy the whole store! But this is what I came up with. A perfect light knit in a creme color and a pair of 'leather' biker pants with a lot of zips and details. 
Shirt and pants // H&M.   Bag // Balenciaga.    Sneakers // Stan Smith

Today I had a lot of meetings - but I also had some time to a little shopping in between. I really did some great buys in Zara. Can't wait to show you! 
My friday night contains family dinner and a hell lot of time on the sofa watching movies! 

When it comes to make-up I'm always going for the "no make-up" look. My history in make-up has been looong, 'cause I started in a very young age (mom why did you let me!?) My make-up experience is for example including blue eyeshadow, too much eyeliner and too much foundation… But now I've come to the age where I know what make-up suits me, and what dosen't. 

I use Chanel's "les beiges" everyday. it's a mix between a fluent cream and a foundation. it's vey light and still covers up my impurities. But I also attend to have oily skin - so I also use my mineral powder foundation from Tromborg at the oily spots. 

One of the things I've learned about my face during the years, is that I really looks best without that much mascara on. I use an mascara from Chanel, but only on the tips on the upper eyelashes. Never on the lower - in that case I look like a bambi… 
And then I sometimes uses a little bit of eyeshadow, always in brown colors. right now I switch between the cream colored, as you see on the picture, and one that is a bit more light brown. I use the light brown eyeshadow to get a more 'messy' look around my eyes. 
 Tee // Stradivarius. Culottes // Asos. Slip ons // Kurt Geiger. Bracelet // Anni lu. Sunnies //Ray Ban

I finally got my culottes! It took me some courage to add them to my basket on Asos, but now I finally did it! I know that some of you girls might hate these kind of pants (among 99% of rest of the world who are not bloggers) but I really love them!