This weekend my boyfriend and I made this marble dining room table. We made it, just like we made our coffee table, with marble wallpaper from Pandouro. I would love to have a real marble table, but let's face it - with my student income, I can't afford such an expensive table. So we went for this cheaper alternative. And the result is actually very satisfying. 
Now I just have to paint my chairs black and buy some gold cutlery from Ilva.  

1. Where to shop: Rue de Rivoli & Rue Saint Honoré. The two streets run parallel to each other. On Rue de Rivoli you'll find high street shops like Mango, H&M, and Zara. But you'll also find the cultural  spot Le Louve. On Rue Saint Honoré you'll find luxury shops like Balenciaga, Goyard, and Colette. Close to Saint Honoré you'll find Place Vendrome where you'll find Chanel jewelry, Dior and the iconic black Comme des garçons door. Nearby on Rue Cambon you'll find the original Chanel boutique. 

2. To see at night: You must go see the Eiffel tower at night! I actually celebrated my new years eve in front of the Eiffel Tower. 

3. Where to eat at night: There is so many good restaurants in Paris. You'll find them on all street corners. But I highly recommend the restaurant "Le 6 Paul Bert" located at Rue Paul Bert. This is seriously gourmet food, where you'll get small dishes - and then it's not that expensive compared to what you get. 

4. Another place to shop: The area around Rue Jacob is so cozy. You'll find a lot of cafes and stores like Isabel Marant, Jerome Dreyfuss, Laudree and Aesop. 

5. To see at day: Le Grande Mosque is so beautiful! It located in the Latin quarter, near the botanical garden. 

6. Where to stay: I have stayed in two different areas the two last times I visited Paris. First in Montmartre and second in the Latin quarter. My favorite is the Latin quarter. It's not that far from Saint Honoré and cultural places like Jardin Luxemborg, Notre Dame, and the grande mosque. In this quarter you'll also find a lot of nice cafes and restaurants. I feel in love with a cafe called Strada cafe - you must go visit it, if you're staying in the Latin quarter! 

Knit // Nué Notes. Dress // Envii by Pernille Teisbæk. Trousers // Gina Tricot.

Well I don't really celebrate valentines day - I'm more into the idea of celebrating love whenever I want, and not on a particular day. Anyway, this is what I wore today on valentines. I love the mix between a kimono and a vest in the dress, which I, by the way, bought on sale for 100dkk (!) yesterday. 

Gina Tricot "Cara" trousers  - Mango "hoop belt" trousers

I litteraly don't wear any other pants than these two at the moment! I love the details with the zipper and the d-ring belt. But what I love most is the flared look they both have. I have got to buy some more flared trousers. I'm thinking about a pair of old school 70s flared jeans, and maybe a pair of blue d-ring belt trousers. 
Leather jacket // Stradivarius. Turtleneck // Nelly.  Pants // Gina Tricot. Stilettos // Asos

Today I tried to balance in the snow wearing stilettos - an almost impossible mission, but I made it! The flared pants from Gina Tricot have become one of my favorite items in my wardrobe, I literally wear them every day. Finally I tried to keep warm in my turtleneck and leather jacket - a completely impossible mission! 
1. Zara 2. Zara 3. Etolie Isabel Marant 4. Mango 5. Mango 6. Chloé 7. Isabel Marant

One of the trends that's going to continue next season, is the beiges colors. This time either in more safari- or 70's inspired look. 

Even though the snow is poring down in Denmark right now, I can't stop thinking about spring. It would be a good investment for me to buy a new winter coat, but all I'm thinking about is suede skirts, suede jackets, white lace dresses and pointy loafers. 
Jurlique mask - Jurlique cream - Caudalie - Chanel

All I need today is a nice sunday treatment. This weekend has been so hard. I went on a club thursday, attended at the danish fashion blog award friday, and went clubbing again last night. Me and my skin seriously need a detox treatment and a fresh nail polish now.