At this time a year, my skin always gets dry, and I know that I'm not the only one with that problem. Therefore I want to share my best winter products with you girls! 
One of my favorite beauty brands is the australian Jurlique, back in my early teenage years a had a very troubled and impure skin, Jurlique's Calendula cream helped me get away with those troubles. 
Now my skin has started to get a little more mature, and now my troubles are fine lines and dry skin. Jurliques Rose Moisture Plus series are perfect for my skin these days. 

Every morning I use the Moisturising cream. It hydrates, soften and replenish my skin. And it has the best rose scent. 

I use the Moisturising cream mask 2 days a week. After using it, my skin is clean, soft and perfectly moisturized. 

And now to an other product that really has helped my skin through the years - the mineral foundation. I started using it, when my skin was very impure, and after a short time i could see results. It has been in my make-up clutch ever since! The mineral foundation is perfect for young and impure skin, but it is definitely also perfect for a dry skin like mine. 

Finally I use Jurlique's hand cream everyday. It has a perfect scent of citrus, but it also comes in other scents. I believe that if I use plenty of hand cream every day, my hands won't get wrinkled when I get old - but I have to wait and see if I'm right. 

The prices on these product are affordable, and it's also a perfect wish for christmas. 

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