During the summer I always try to wear as little make-up as possible, and therefore makes an extra effort cleansing my skin. 

First I use my Essence from Jurlique. Put a few drops of the essence into warm water, then take a towel and dip it into the water, and place it over your face. It makes the skin and the pores ready for a cleansing. 

Then I use my Konjac sponge, and scrubs my face gently with it. (Buy it at your local pharmacy) 

At last, I put my Tromborg lipbalm on my lips and my cheeks as well - putting it on your cheeks gives you a fresher look!

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  1. Hvorfor blogger du kun på engelsk nu? :)

    1. Jeg kan se på mine statistikker at jeg har mange udenlandske læsere nu, og så tager det simpelthen for lang tid at sidde og skrive oversættelser hele tiden :-)